IOF Functionality

IOF Quick Reference Guide

A single easy to use document listing all of the IOF commands:

IOF Tips and Tricks

  • "Want to start multiple logical screens or dialogs in ISPF? Use IOF!
    ISPF Screens PDF
  • Comparing Sysout Data Sets
    Compare PDF
  • Simplify your review and management of jobs under IOF
    Managing Jobs PDF
  • The IOF "MVS" command will invoke the commands for you and remember them so that you don't have to dig out the manual the next time around.
    MVS Command PDF
  • IOF ZF Command - search any parm valid on IOF FIND command with ZF
    ZF Command PDF

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you always wanted to know about IOF but were afraid to ask:

IOF R8F User's Guide

An in depth look at the functions of IOF R8F

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