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IOF Unlocks the Power of IBM Health Checker

Stop Problems Before they Start

IBM Health Checker is a generalized facility for dynamically analyzing the health and status of both IBM system components and software systems from other vendors. The Health Checker allows the customer to prioritize exception events and provides status alerts for the more serious exceptions.

The new IOF 8B CHK command displays the results from the Health Checker analysis. Specific system checks can also be dynamically activated or deactivated from this panel. System check exception priorities can be set and checks can be assigned to specific check categories. IOF is the complete tool for displaying check results and managing the Health Checker.
Line commands are available to activate, deactivate or refresh specific system checks. Each check status can be displayed or modified. Health reports produced by each system check can be browsed or edited directly from this menu as well.
The specific set of checks displayed on this menu are defined locally. Most checks are supplied by IBM as part of various components of the operating system. Checks can also be provided by other software vendors for their products.
Depending on your screen size, you may have to right-scroll multiple times to display all of the available information. As an alternative to scrolling, you may instead use the D line command for a check that will display all information in three separate panels, shown below.

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For additional information on developing and installing checks, see IBM Health Checker for z/OS User’s Guide (SA22-7994).
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