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IOF Release 8G


z/OS Version 2.4 Support

IOF Release 8G provides support for all releases of z/OS through version 2 release 4. Release 8G is the only IOF release that runs with z/OS V2R3.
IOF Release 8G provides complete support for 8 byte userids.

Online Documentation Improvements

This release provides significant improvements to the IOF online documentation.

Online Quick Reference Guide

The new QR command provides access to an online replacement for the old Quick Reference Card. The QR command can be entered from any IOF panel and dynamically adapts to display only the features that are allowed for each user. There are concise descriptions at the highest level but you can also nest down to detailed HELP information for any topic.

HELP BR Command

Enter the BR command on a HELP menu panel to browse all of the topics under that panel as a single document. You have all the features of IOF browse, so you can issue FIND commands to locate specific information.

Action Area on HELP Menu Panels

In addition to menu numbers, there are action areas beside each selectable menu item on HELP menus. This allows you to use the “S” line command to nest to lower level HELP panels.

Simplified HELP Panels

In addition to the enhancements above, many individual HELP panels have been improved and simplified to make the online HELP easier to use.

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