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Fischer International Systems Corporation provides service to Fortune 500 corporations, as well as institutional customers, in a variety of industries, including the financial, retail, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, government and educational marketplaces.

Fischer International Systems Corporation is a proud member of SHARE.

IOF Training by Video

IOF customers enjoy the productivity that comes from continual improvement to the IOF product. IOF Functionality details IOF Job Find, Send, and ZFFind. IOF Tips and Tricks includes the latest information on Notification By Email of batch job status. Take the next step forward with Executive Job Summary which makes IOF the leading choice among all JES2 Management for over 30 years.


A software-only Virtual Tape solution now available from the Fischer team. VTFM-NewGen complements your existing tape architecture by offering important performance advantages for those select volumes involved in your most performance-sensitive tape processing. Move waiting jobs and reports to the front of the line! Unique Parallel Access Tape (PAT) feature enables multiple, simultaneous read access to virtual tape volumes.

TapeStreamFX™ Virtual Tape Library

TapeStreamFX™ — Virtual Tape Library — is a complete, cost effective tape solution for the mainframe enterprise, replacing the need for physical tape drives. TapeStreamFX™ has been designed to use enhanced data compaction. TapeStreamFX™ will dramatically reduce batch job time! TapeStreamFX™ uses your enterprise data storage solution for tape images and it uses 64-bit CRC technology on each block of data. TapeStreamFX™ is very simple to install, configure and use.


Why Fischer International

Fischer International offers unparalleled value in enterprise licensed software, maintenance, and support.

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