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Fischer International Systems Corporation provides service to Fortune 500 corporations, as well as institutional customers, in a variety of industries, including the financial, retail, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, government and educational marketplaces.
IOF: A productivity aid for the TSO environment. IOF provides tools to manage JES2 resources and features for TSO systems and operations users; all in a single product.

VTFM-NewGen: A software-only virtual tape solution that complements your existing tape architecture by offering important performance advantages for those select volumes involved in your most performance-sensitive tape processing. Move waiting jobs and reports to the front of the line! Unique Parallel Access Tape (PAT) feature enables multiple, simultaneous read access to virtual tape volumes.

QuickSelect™ for Db2: Accelerates online and batch performance while reducing CPU consumption. QuickSelect is a simple plug-and-play solution that caches frequently requested result sets outside Db2. QuickSelect is update sensitive ensuring that Cache always reflects the underlying Db2 data. QuickSelect is a transparent install. No changes to application code, JCL or Db2. Plug-and-play lets you see real-world performance benefits during a trial before you buy.

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