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IOF Release 8F


Compatibility Options

IOF supports a number of compatibility features to help users of other products make a smooth transition to using IOF. Release 8F contains a number of new options that enhance this capability.

IOFMAIL Enhancements

You can email HFS files directly from the prompt panel. You can also specify HFS file names for the message file and address list file.

Browse Enhancement

The FINDBACK (FB) command in IOF browse allows you to return to the display where the most recent FIND command was entered. And, after entering multiple FIND commands, you can use multiple FB commands to back up through the FIND command locations. This feature can be very helpful when browsing data that has a nested structure.

IOF Screen Size Support

IOF supports display screen sizes up to 32K. These sizes are required for IOF to function properly under IBM’s z/OSMF.

8 Byte JES2 Job Classes

IOF Release 8F provides complete support for the JES2 8 Byte job classes. This support was initially provided in spin level 2013316 for IOF Release 8E.

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