QuickSelect for Db2

QuickSelect for Db2

Use QuickSelect for Db2 for Performance Gains and CPU Savings

Plug-and- Play Performance Gains for Db2 z/OS

Do you need to improve online performance and batch throughput for your Db2 applications? QuickSelect intercepts repetitive Db2 called, caches the Db2 responses, and as these same SQL continue to execute, returns the same results sets as would Db2, just much faster and without the Db2 overhead.

The Challenge

You have optimized your Db2 SQL and your databases. You have reviewed, improved and tested your application code. You have implemented every performance suggestion for Db2. Your end users need more. Where do you turn for additional performance gains?

The Solution

QuickSelect is a novel Plug-and-Play solution that caches frequently accessed Db2 SQL results sets outside Db2 for dramatic performance gains and resource savings. QuickSelect focuses on the SQL that repetitively access the Db2 tables containing lookup, code, reference and other relatively static data types. With no change to JCL, Db2 or application code, these same SQL now get their result sets from QuickSelect’s above-the-bar cache with performance gains of 4-5x compared to retrieval of the same from Db2 buffer pools. QuickSelect features include:

  • Plug-and-Play: No code changes. No JCL changes. No Db2 changes.
  • Support for batch, CICS and IMS/TM for static SQL.
  • Full Data Integrity: SQL and Db2 utility changes to Db2 data automatically reset corresponding QuickSelect cached results before the next read.
  • Simple Proof of Concept: SURVEY Mode automatically identifies your repetitive, cacheable, SQL and their execution frequencies. Develop your ROI analysis before purchase.

The Benefits

  • Immediate performance gains! No development. No Training. No database tuning. No code modification.
  • Dramatically reduce batch job elapsed times and online response times.
  • QuickSelect substantially outperforms Db2 buffer pools (4-5x faster)!
  • Free up Db2 resource to the benefit of the rest of your Db2 workload.
  • Solution pays for itself in saved CPU and monthly license charges.
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