IOF Functionality

IOF Quick Reference Information

Use the QRF command on any IOF panel to display quick reference information for all IOF functions. The information is tailored to the features that each user is actually allowed to use, and the user can drill down on any feature to get more detailed information.

The QRF command replaces the old IOF Quick Reference Card, which was last updated several years ago with the release 8F. As QR Card may still be helpful, you may find a copy here:

IOF Tips and Tricks

  • Benefits new users as well as current users: "?" Command directly takes the user to commands on the interface panel.
    "?" Command PDF
  • Reach into your IOF toolbox to create free time for other projects: The CAPTURE command combined with the Rexx Exec feature allows the user to email IOF panels in HTML format.
    Emailing IOF Panels in Html Format PDF
  • Batch Job Email Notification: Set up IOFSend to notify via email of ALL batch job completion or just those jobs that are designated with error messages.
    Batch Job Email Notification PDF
  • RACF ACF2 IOF: Use RACF group or ACF2 UID string to control IOF access lists
  • Up to Date Features: IOF SHARE Spool Browser Shoot Out 2019
    Full written description of the latest IOF productivity features
    Spool Browser Shoot Out 2019 PDF
  • Back to the Future: IOF SHARE Shoot Out 2010 The basics of IOF JES2 Management and More.
    SHARE Presentation PDF
  • Want to start multiple logical screens or dialogs in ISPF? Use IOF!
    ISPF Screens PDF
  • Comparing Sysout Data Sets
    Compare PDF
  • Simplify your review and management of jobs under IOF
    Managing Jobs PDF
  • The IOF "MVS" command will invoke the commands for you and remember them so that you don't have to dig out the manual the next time around.
    MVS Command PDF
  • IOF ZF Command - search any parm valid on IOF FIND command with ZF
    ZF Command PDF

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you always wanted to know about IOF but were afraid to ask:

IOF R8G User's Guide

An in depth look at the functions of IOF R8G

IOF R8F User's Guide

An in depth look at the functions of IOF R8F

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